Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are tightly related to each other. In fact, fitness can be very influencing on your health. The exercises and the fitness lifestyle can deeply affect how your body reacts to the environment ; the truth behind this relationship between health and fitness is described in many researches and clinical works. The first goal is to describe how accurate physical fitness exercises can improve the physical health. Then it is important to list the points to take in consideration when practicing to maintain the positive correlation between health and fitness. one of the most appreciated things you can do to improve your fitness and health is do a colon detox, which helps improve your metabolism.

What is Fitness?

Fitness is a general word that covers many aspects. Mainly, it can be defined as the ability to perform daily tasks -including getting out of bed, performing simple movements and responding to sudden and emergency situations- without notable difficulties or excessive fatigue. This definition describes the physical fitness. Considering that, a healthy person is someone that fits this definition, in other words, a healthy person is someone who is « fit » in the first place;  he can  go through the day without getting tired for nothing. Defining fitness is somehow related to defining health ; fitness seems to be a critical component of health. Health and fitness cannot be defined separately.

Health and Fitness Relationships :

Fitness components are mainly related to health definitions. The fitness determining factors are mainly:

  • Cardio-respirotory endurance: how the performed activities impact the cardio-respiratory pace.
  • Muscular endurance, strength and power: how long the person can perform particular muscular activities (number of repetitions).
  • Flexibility: this describes the ability of a group of muscles -in a particular state- to perform a movement.
  • Body composition: it is directly to the fat proportion against other tissues (bones, muscles ,skin…)
  • elementary components as holding balance and the movement speed.

It is obvious that fitness can’t be defined without health components.

Health and fitness are related to each other on several ways. Actually, fitness impacts some metabolic systems within the body which have dramatic impacts on the overall health.

  • Fitness induces burning fat and building muscles : in fact, fitness exercising helps reducing fat in the body and reduces the risk of fat in the blood minimizing risk of cardiovascular problems.
  • Fitness helps the organism getting rid of some harmful metabolic productions such lactic acid and free radicals which are responsible of aging by imposing a healthy nutrition.

Health and Fitness: Gender Variability

Health and fitness are differentially related according gender; women’s fitness and men’s fitness require different fitness equipments and therefore produce different results. In fact, women are helped to preserve the skin and particular tissues firmness (breasts)  by performing specific fitness exercises. They are more helped to fight skin aging since they are supposed to face menopause with all its effects on the overall attributes.  While men’s fitness helps increasing testosterone levels and thus will preserve the men’s body healthy.


Health and fitness share some aspects that make them considered as the to faces of the same coin. Indeed, defining fitness uses some aspects of health definition. More over, physical fitness impacts mental health which in return improves physical health. In fact, fitness exercising increases serotonin levels and induces the beneficial effects of this hormone as improving the immune system and the appetite. In sum, health and fitness are more related than they appear.