Women’s fitness: improve the female attributes

Nature has blessed women with a natural beauty. The body shape is already attractive to every men. But with aging, child birth and several daily life commitments, women’s softness tends to loose and free the place to cellulite, fat accumulation, or skinny shape. But as men have their recovering processes; women have their own specific fitness programs that help undue the effects and regain healthy skins and more firm female attributes. fitness regroups a bunch of physical exercising and dietary protocols that would allow the body to restore what the oxidants and stress have altered. there are many products in the market which can help you achieve the results you are looking for, pure colon detox is a growing trend for helping women detoxify before losing weight.

Women’s Fitness V.S. Fats:

Women are by nature susceptible of accumulating fat in particular zones (breasts and  buttocks). By measuring the body composition -which is indeed a determining factor of the womens fitness as well as men’s fitness-  there may appear a disorder in favor of fat. In fact, fat can be found massively under the skin, abnormally abundant in the humps and some other regular zones. There must be a need to do womens fitness.

Womens Fitness V.S. Men’s Fitness:

womens fitness differs form men’s fitness basically by:

  • the covered aspects
  • the fitness equipments
  • the fitness practices and exercises

These differences are due to the essential variability between men and women; actually, men are more susceptible to burning fat and develop muscles easier than women; this has its origins within regular hormones balances and metabolic systems.

Womens Fitness Components:

womens fitness is not evaluated by measuring the body composition alone, there are some others factors that play determining roles in determining if that woman is fit or not:

  • Cardiorespiratory rhythms: the pace of cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Susceptibility to fatigue: endurance
  • Balance: how long can the subject hold still in a particular position.
  • Speed: how much time it takes her to move from a definite place to another.
  • Flexibility: ability to recruit muscles while they are in a different position.
  • muscle endurance: how many repetitions of a given exercise is the subject able to perform.
  • muscle strength: how much weight can the subject handle.

Womens Fitness Measuring:

There are some exercises that are used to determine the body fitness level. Actually, men and women go through the same tests but there are some variability affecting the ranges and the modalities. For example, measuring the womens fitness using the push up test implicates that women use the bent knee position. The sit and reach test has also ranges that respect the female characteristics.

In sum, womens fitness responds to the same criteria as men’s fitness; somehow it has specific points. The firmness of some tissues is also considered as fitness factors. The buttocks that accumulate cellulite are signs of unhealthy and unfit body.

Womens Fitness Equipment:

womens fitness equipment is sure made considering the women softness. Indeed, women can’t deploy as much effort as man can do; also, the fitness programs may target different zones even if they share the same purposes and goals (lose weight, improve health…). Fitness equipment include very light and small yet efficient breasts workout equipment, buttocks workout equipment, and abdominal work out equipment.


The simple difference between genders -male and female- has dramatically modified the concept of fitness among women. In fact, test to perform, equipment to use ans zones to target are not the same. At the end, the difference between man and woman is not that simple.