Top 5 Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Ever wondered why some people at the gym are super buff, or are generally performing better than others? You might be thinking that they are under medication or steroids, which could be right. On the other hand, they could be using supplements or muscle enhancers that are fairly safe to use.

If you choose the latter, one of the natural herbs associated with these results is the Tongkat Ali. This East Asian herb has already been used by previous generation as a form of medicine. After years of research, it has been found that the Tongkat Ali has several benefits especially in balancing our hormones, which could help in the following:

  1. Lose weight

If you are hormonally imbalanced, there are chances that you could have difficulty losing weight as well. Once we focus on addressing the imbalance, which the Tongkat Ali could do, the weight gain may cease and you could now be on your way to a more slender or athletic figure. This is because testosterone is important in promoting our body’s metabolism, the faster you metabolize the greater amount of fat you burn.

  1. Gives you a much needed energy boost

Once your hormones are balanced, you will start to experience the energy boost that your body has. This is not in effect because your body is focused on solving the imbalance, therefore the rest of your body is not functioning very well, which may result to lower energy levels. And this is not only because you are getting older, so you might need to start on doing some pushups and much needed exercise which you will surely benefit from.

  1. Increased libido

We all know that testosterone is associated with our libido, whether you’re a man or a woman. So in essence, once you get a testosterone boost, your sexual appetite may also increase.

  1. Prevents bone problems

Once the appropriate level of testosterone is produced by the body, it would also help in lessening the development of bone problems especially osteoporosis.  With proper amount of Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium to make sure that your bones are healthy, and appropriate levels of testosterone to maintain homeostasis, your bones will surely thank you.

  1. Blood sugar regulation

A good amount of Tongkat Ali may also contribute in the regulation of blood sugar levels. Once you get on the path of exercising, you will burn more fats and use good amount of sugar, preventing build up. This buildup of excessive amount of blood sugar may be the reason behind your Type 2 Diabetes.

There are still a lot of things to be discovered about Tongkat Ali. A couple of other researches also believed that Tongkat Ali has an effect on improving our mood by reducing our stress hormone, Cortisol. Although these finding may be true, it is still with a good measure that one regulate the intake of Tongkat Ali. It is a great supplement to manage our overall well-being, but still must be taken sparingly.