The Other Side of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is an herb that primarily stimulates the pituitary gland. This is made possible by its active ingredients such as Eurycomanone and Scopoletin, to name a few. The idea is once the ingredients stimulate the pituitary gland, testosterone is produced in increasing levels. This characteristic therefore enhances our performance and function.

While Tongkat Ali has been used through generations in East Asia, it is still worthy to note that there are appropriate doses advisable.

By the time you start using Tongkat Ali extract, you would be able to notice certain changes in your body, such as:

  • Increased levels of energy
  • Improved mood
  • Your Libido is enhanced

These are great things to factor in, which is why Tongkat Ali is considered a health tonic. Because it is an herb, it is also considered natural so it is a great choice for men and women who are looking for that quick boost.

As we mentioned, there are also things that come with the usage of Tongkat Ali, and it is important to note if you are experiencing any problems aside from the ones we are about to mention below:

  • Mood swings. Typically, since Tongkat Ali affects your pituitary gland you experience hormonal changes. These changes may be something that your body is not accustomed to and might react to it differently. This is almost the same effect that PMS could give to woman having her period, totally unexpected and a little difficult to control. Keep in mind that the slightly raised aggression is still controllable it could be just more pronounced. Pronounced in such a way, that it is not exactly inherent in you.

  • High levels of energy. You might ask, isn’t that a good thing? Yes, to some extent. Tongkat Ali increases your levels of energy and you have to put it into good use. If you are a health buff, this is very useful for you, because you could continue doing your work out and achieving your fitness goals in no time. Now what if you are not the active kind and took a dose of the tongkat ali? You will experience the high energy level and if not properly channeled, it becomes restlessness, or unease. It could be a little difficult to sleep because your body is pumped and ready for activity.

These things are normal if you took the Tongkat Ali, as it affects your testosterone, but your dosage should always fit your need. It is best to cycle out your usage every 4 weeks, so that you will be able to test if you have already achieved your goal and can maintain your performance without it. The key here is that you only take the Tongkat Ali, when needed and not become dependent on it. When taken in considerable amount Tongkat Ali, yields great result better associated with fantastic performance, but if taken in higher doses it would lose its effectivity and become the problem.