The Real Deal behind Tongkat Ali

Do you want to lose weight? Or probably have the need to increase your performance in bed, then you might just be in for a treat. There is a tree that grows in Asia also known to be the herbal Viagra.

Tongkat Ali, if this is the first time you have heard of this, then you clearly are behind on this amazing extract. Tongkat Ali is an herb that comes from a tree native to Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In these regions, this herb could also be known as Pasak Bumi, or Tung Saw. it is actively used in different successful supplements such as Spartagen xt which help boost your testosterone levels.

What is this herb and why do we need to know more about it? The root of the Tongkat Ali tree is known for its medicinal value, it could either be use as an energy enhancer, aphrodisiac and health tonic. Through the years, Tongkat Ali has been used mainly as an aphrodisiac; it is believed to increase a man’s libido, directly affecting his testosterone levels. It is found that the main compounds in Tongkat Ali are eurycomanol, eurycomanone, and eurycomalactone.

Spartagen XT contains Tongkat Ali in its extract form, among other natural ingredients that are crucial to people who would like to improve their performance whether in the gym or in bed. What it does is provide the body with a healthy boost of testosterone.

Once achieved, the higher testosterone levels, will take effect in many ways:

  • It will increase your libido or sex drive. This is something obvious right off the bat, but we might as well note that it will not give you abnormal amount of it, just enough enhancement that your body needs or may lack.
  • Gain muscle mass. With the power of testosterone, you will be able to gain the muscle mass that you are seeking, and eliminating unwanted fats in the process.
  • It will give you the power to perform. Increased energy levels and better mood also comes with this boost of testosterone as it reduces cortisol, making you feel less stressed.

The Tongkat Ali is indeed a wonder herb, and coupled with the right amount of exercise and diet, you should be able to maximize the results. However, it is important to note that although the herb is fairly safe to use, you still have to manage your consumption, as there are also a couple of side effects involved.

  • Lack of sleep. Since, it provides you with doses of energy, it might also mean that you would be having less sleep if those energy are not put in use.
  • Increased heart rate. Which is why it is not advisable for those who have heart conditions to take, the heart might not be able to handle the ‘pumped’ feeling.

There are others mentioned, but not exactly backed up by research, what we wanted to tell you is that at moderate amounts of intake, Tongkat Ali could be a wonder herb that would be able to solve your all fitness needs.