Outdoor Fitness

Fitness refers to the ability of a person to perform particular tasks on daily basis without being extremely tired and exhausted. This state can be considered as an indicator of health. In fact, a fit body is usually healthy. This healthy state -fitness state- can be achieved through several exercises. Actually, these exercises can be performed in a gym, at home or outside in parks and runways. In this case, it is about outdoor fitness. Definitely, outdoor fitness would require different and particular equipment; fitness gear and different techniques as well.

Outdoor Fitness Definition:

Outdoor fitness refers to performing fitness workout outside gyms and outside homes. This discipline requires to adapt several techniques to benefit the many available tools in parks and runways in order to achieve. It free the body from confinement and releases the body potential. Outdoor fitness is a good way to benefit the nature while working out.

A good fitness program should include session of outdoor fitness; this is beneficial because it allows the body to expand and the spirit to rebuild. It eliminate borders and makes you all over the space which enhances the mentality and improves fitness results.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment:

Outdoor fitness can benefit from all available furniture in parks and runways such as:

  • seats and stones.
  • Trees and branches (as lifting weights)
  • trapezes and ropes,
  • horizontal bars and all metallic bars standing in parks
  • handrail and traffic guards.

These tools come to be cheaper than any other equipment since they are already set for other purposes, but they are still usable as fitness equipments. Yet, it is very important to perform your training with extreme caution; since they are not conventional fitness equipments, you should know exactly handle their asymmetry and of course not to be bothersome.

There are some parks that are mainly equipped by selected fitness equipments that are for outside use.

Outdoor Fitness Gear:

Outdoor fitness requires particular gears. The clothes to put on are required to be:

  • made of wicking material: a material that absorb sweat from one side and eliminate it from the other.
  • Anti microbial: because you are gong outside and you are exposed to pure air an objects that can be loaded with various microbes.
  • Anti UV: because you are going to be exposed to radiation these clothes should be UV banners.

Outdoor Fitness Exercising:

Outdoor fitness requires to be set as a routine and need to be planned and well scheduled. Your program should include warming up, working out and relaxing. Actually, the exercises are to be set according the available equipments. Yet, it is possible to suggest some common workout exercises. Here a selection of the most repeated ones.

  • Sumo squats
  • burpees
  • Bicycle crunches
  • push ups
  • Bench jumps
  • mountain climbers


Outdoor fitness has more than physical wealth to offer. It offer the opportunity of being one with the nature. This relationship is indeed very important because human learn to respect the environment and learn to respect himself. The self esteem is also developed while training. Besides, you can make new friends who help you to go beyond the limits and achieve the best of your potential.