Muscle and Fitness: The shape has a lot to say.

Fitness is a very important to keep healthy body. By definition, this concept has several factors that describe it and help identify it. In fact, it includes many aspects such as endurance, strength and ability to go through different tasks. Actually, the word fitness leads to body muscles and body flexibility. Muscle and fitness are generally considered as one is indicator for the other. It s then important to discover the tight relation between them ; the tight relationship between muscle and fitness: how fitness is affecting the muscle and how the muscle impacts on fitness.

The Muscle in Brief:

The muscle is a tissue of the organism. It is made of several proteins that are involved in certain mechanisms that induce biochemical reactions into mechanical activities: the muscle contraction. The muscle contraction is under nervous control and it is particular because the amplitude is proportional to the amount of the stimulation. It is important to know that:

  • Muscle contraction burns calories.
  • Muscle contraction consumes oxygen.
  • Muscle contraction allows body motions.

On the other hand, the muscle contraction has several aspects:

It appears here a first relationship between muscle and fitness: fitness reposes on the muscle ability to perform particular contraction.

Muscle and Fitness: Hidden Relationships

If fitness is built up on some exercising, the muscle benefits a lot form performing fitness programs. Whether performing outdoor fitness, indoor fitness, using or not fitness equipments, the muscle is already in contraction. The energy used for the muscle contraction comes several metabolism; especially fat burning.

Fitness exercising benefits the muscle by inducing fat metabolism to produce energy and inducing protein metabolism to produce muscle fibers. The muscular mass is steadily increased by applying appropriate fitness programs along with proper fitness nutrition; actually being on a specific diet is an important factor to obtain better results. Also, the oxygen uptake is improved by the repetitive physical exercises you have to perform. The cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular systems are well involved and find themselves improved to supply muscles with necessary oxygen and essential energy and nutrients to the contraction; also the blood is charged in protein precursors to help the muscle to build new fibers. Also, it helps fast evacuation of unwanted elements such oxidant and poisonous substances resulting from several metabolism (lactic acid), this effect can be achieved by using Pure Colon Detox as you can read in this review

In sum, fitness produces the following results on muscles:

  • Better irrigation
  • Better nutrition
  • Volume augmentation
  • Fighting fatigue
  • Fighting oxidants

Muscle and Fitness: Visible Relationships

Muscle and fitness are related to each in another level. In fact, muscle attributes are used as determining indicators of fitness level. Muscle power, endurance and strength are used as the of the well performed fitness and of the good results of fitness programs.


With no doubt, muscle and fitness are related to each other. Muscle is the way to fitness indeed. All the fitness activities are performed by muscles in the first place. But in return, muscle benefits from this relationship by getting its attributes improved and enhanced. The relationship between muscle and fitness is beneficial to both parties.