Men’s fitness : The Alpha Male

Fitness is described as the body performance at doing several daily tasks. The endurance and the strength shown while doing some tests serve to determine whether the person is fit or needs to do some more exercising. This definition gives fitness the physical attributes more than any other. It suggests that fitness would be defined differently according gender ; since men and women have different muscular and fat attributes. In this context, it is common to talk about men’s fitness. Well, the concept reposes on the fact that men are characterized by a more developed muscular mass which makes fitness easier to measure equally easier to improve. Then, what are men’s fitness characteristics ?

Men’s Fitness: Measuring the Abilities

Men’s fitness is easy to measure since it basically reposes on physical abilities. The muscular acuity of a man is a determining factor for his fitness level. In fact, the considered factors are:

  • Muscular strength: it determine how much weight can be lifted at specific repetition pace.
  • Muscular endurance: it refers to how many repetitions of a given activity can be performed.
  • muscular power: it is related to the amount of force generated while performing an activity.
  • Muscular flexibility: it measures how fast can the muscle be solicited to perform and activity while in a particular situation.

Along with those factors, there are:

  • Cardio respiratory endurance: describe the overall cardiovascular and respiratory paces along with the activity.
  • Speed: tells about how fast the person moves from a given start point to another given arrival point.
  • Body composition: it gives the proportions of several tissues against fat mass.

Men’s Fitness: Testosterone Boosting 

Men’s first attribute that makes them different from female subjects is testosterone. This hormone is the essential booster for men’s fitness. Actually bodybuilding fitness reposes on healthy levels of testosterone. Also, men’s fitness is a natural booster of testosterone; and therefore there is a natural cycle or a kind of feedback system that allows increasing testosterone by fitness programs; and in return, fitness is enhanced when there are healthy levels of testosterone.

Men’s Fitness: Alpha Male Shape

Men’s fitness is based on the muscular mass and its attributes. This is called the alpha male shape. Actually, there is a conventional proportion rate of muscles that allows the male subject to be in the perfect male posture. This alpha male shape is obtained after several sessions of workout associated to particular diet -fitness nutrition- that allows the body to build muscles (proteins) and burn fat. The burned fat results are used as energy supplies.

It is also known that testosterone is the masculine hormone that induces muscular development and fat destruction. Therefore, men’s fitness allows obtaining the alpha male shape and induces man to feel better and more confident.


Men’s fitness appears to be a new attribute that adds itself to the bunch of what  make a man a “MAN”. But instead of considering this as a difference between men and women, it would be better to consider it as something that would make men attractive to women. In the other hand, women themselves have things that attract men to them notably women’ fitness.