Fitness Program: Way to Achieve Fitness

Fitness is a concept that describes an overall healthy state of the body. It reposes on several elements that need to be gathered and maintained to achieve the fit state. As it is a concept th. at is related to human being, it inherits the variability according age and gender. Also, everyone don’t have the same criteria for considering one’s self as fit. Commonly, there are some conventional aspects that are set to determine the fitness levels. Along with the criteria, achieving fitness responds to several rules ; the process requires a definite fitness program that should respect the overall individual situation.

Fitness program: do you need one?

Fitness is an average score that you obtain when performing several tests. The test should tell you whether you need a fitness program or no; also it is possible to determine what aspect to consider in your program.

Of course, tests are set to match your age and gender; men and women may pass the same tests but with little differences that affect the amplitude and the periods. Brief, they do not suffer the same rates and ranges of values.

Some tests to perform are:

  • Push up test: women are allowed to adopt the bent knee position, set to test the triceps and the chest.
  • Abdominal tests: the number of repetition differs whether the subject is male or female. This group include the kraus weber test.
  • Agility test: targets the speed and the ability of avoiding obstacles along the way.
  • Balance test: consists in maintaining a certain position for a given period of time.

The fitness program would eventually target the unfitting aspect determined through the tests’ results. It is advised to set the program in cooperation with your physician and/or trainer.

Fitness program elements:

According the tests’ results analysis, the physician is called to set up the appropriate fitness program that wold help the subject to achieve the best of his potential. The program is supposed to be as complete as possible and has to respect the individual specificity. It may introduce new dietary habits, new lifestyle and may also require some fitness equipments (home fitness equipments)

  1. Fitness nutrition: it is important to know that nutrition plays a critical role in fitness achievement. In fact, the best fitness program has to include the proper diet to supply the body with the essential elements to boost the results naturally. For example, if you need to lose weight, you will be avoiding fat foods and eating ingredients with balanced load of glucids, proteins and fibers.
  2. Fitness workout: fitness program includes well scheduled fitness workout sessions. Actually, it is important to know your potential and try not to over do it not to exhaust the muscles and lead to unwanted outcomes. The workout sessions have to be alternated with sufficient rest periods allowing the body to recover.
  3. Fitness equipment: it is also important to have fitness equipment that helps achieving the results. For example, choosing the accurate fitness gear is not a simple task and should be conducted carefully.


Obviously, setting a fitness program is like going on medicine; the better is to get the it prescribed. But, it is not that dangerous to set your own program. It is important to maintain the pace and persevere in order to obtain the maximum results.