Fitness gear: single task and multi tasks

Fitness is a state that you can achieve when you put yourself under straight rules of practices called fitness program. The fitness program or routine includes many aspects – and each one is as important as are the other- and involves some tools. In fact, for some workout exercises, you may need specific fitness equipments in order to solicit the body muscles and stimulate several reactions –metabolic systems– in order to induce changes leading to fitness state. Among fitness equipments, fitness gear occupies a high ranked position. Actually, it is somehow number one equipment when it is about practicing in restricted spaces notably at home.

What is fitness gear?

Fitness gear is used to designate particular clothes especially designed for bodybuilder and fitness practitioner. It is important to consider them because they can be of good help when working out. They are in fact the results of many studies and researches that involves the body homeostasis and balance. The reality is that any cloth can be worn when working out; synthetic and warm apparel can be a pain when practicing, as well as the non fitting or extra fitting clothes.

Fitness gear utility:

Fitness gear are not simple clothes that you may put on when training. In fact, there are some characteristics that a fitness gear has to fulfill in order to be qualified of good choice.

  • It helps warming the body since it keeps a little fraction of energy within the body by slowly dissipating heat.
  • Helps stimulating fat loss by applying a well studied pressure on the body.
  • It prevents rapid dehydration by moderating sweating process.

How to choose your fitness gear:

Choosing the fitness gear is not lie choosing a fashion cloth. In fact, the fitness gear depends on the material it is made of and the design. Of course, you have to choose the one that fits.

In the other hand, there are some materials which does not allow an efficient amount of sweat, other that does dissipate heat very fast; there are also some that tend to be tighter with heat, others that tend to loose with heat.

Basically, the choice of the fitness gear has to fulfill some criteria:

  • Wicking material: it refers to the ability of letting the sweat pass for efficient evaporation. This important because the retained amount of sweat would result in the fitness to go heavier and may be altered. Also, it may suffocate the skin.
  • Antiseptic: the fitness gear should be labeled anti microbial. Since it is in direct contact with your skin, you have to be safe from any bacterial
  • UV banner: when considering outdoor workout; it is to protect your skin from UV and help you prevent aging.
  • Fitting the body: your fitness gear should apply a light pressure on your body in order to help it recover after workout session. In fact, the pressuring clothes are working as massage apparel.


Of course, these are not the only criteria to look for, but these are the most important.  You may find some advises on choosing dark colors or some particular designs, but these recommendations are destined to help boost the perseverance.